Needles vs Guns

When it comes to getting a piercing, there are two main methods: piercing guns and needles. While piercing guns may seem like a quick and easy option, they can actually be more harmful than needles. Here’s why: Piercing Guns: Piercing guns are often used for ear piercings, and they work by quickly shooting a studContinue reading “Needles vs Guns”

Brief history of Tattooing in America

Tattoos have been a part of American culture for centuries, and the history of American tattooing is a fascinating one. From the early days as a mark of tribal identity to the current status as a popular form of self-expression, tattoos have played an important role in American history. The practice of tattooing has beenContinue reading “Brief history of Tattooing in America”

Friday the 13th

What is a Friday the 13th tattoo and where did the tradition come from? The unlucky day Friday the 13th is not so unlucky for tattoo lovers as many artists offer discounted tattoos. Tattoo fans see Friday the 13th as a Black Friday of tattoos and not for the bad luck associated with it –Continue reading “Friday the 13th”

Septum Piercings

I’ve been doing more septum piercings than ever lately so let’s talk about the history of them. The earliest septum to ever be found is on a mummified person from 5300 years ago. Think about how long ago that was. The septum piercing is one of the most common piercings among primitive tribes. There isContinue reading “Septum Piercings”

The Snake Eyes Piercing

Of all the piercings that I have performed over the years this is one of the most controversial and for good reason. I want to start this with full disclosure, I have performed many of these and I have seen many people heal them and wear them proudly over the years. They do look prettyContinue reading “The Snake Eyes Piercing”

An Accidental Hero… The true story of a dialysis family Pt 1

How did I accidentally end up working in the medical field during a global pandemic? Life sometimes takes you in directions you never could have imagined. Never in a million years would I have guessed that me of all people would be labeled a hero for going to work. By the end of this storyContinue reading “An Accidental Hero… The true story of a dialysis family Pt 1”

The Children Piercing Experience

Having pierced for many years I never really pierced many kids unless it was friends and family. Even though the tattoo shop i worked at was sort of family friendly (my kids grew up in the tattoo shop) we always said no to other peoples kids. The reasoning being that it was not a goodContinue reading “The Children Piercing Experience”

So I just got a new piercing. Now what?

Packaged sterile saline is in my opinion the best choice for piercing aftercare. I adamantly suggest using a sterile saline labeled for use as a wound wash. Please do not use eye drops or other saline products on your body piercing. Your saline ingredients should list .09% sodium chloride as the only ingredient. Another commonContinue reading “So I just got a new piercing. Now what?”

Needle Therapy

It’s been over a decade since I started on this journey of Body Art. Over the years I’ve become a therapist of sorts for so many people. It is actually an unexpected and really fulfilling part of my career. I know sometimes piercings and tattoos are not a way to rebel or show your individuality,Continue reading “Needle Therapy”