The Children Piercing Experience

Having pierced for many years I never really pierced many kids unless it was friends and family. Even though the tattoo shop i worked at was sort of family friendly (my kids grew up in the tattoo shop) we always said no to other peoples kids. The reasoning being that it was not a good atmosphere for tiny humans crying, (it would bother the clients that are trying to relax and get their much needed ink) and I do not like making kids cry. So anytime people called and asked if we pierced kids it would be a hard no. Fast Forward to the opening of Needles Art Studio and boy did things change. It had been about four years since moving from Philadelphia to a small town about one hour North best known as Doylestown, PA. We wanted to take advantage of the top notch school district that Central Bucks has to offer, enjoy small town living, and in turn give a better life to our family. In the time we had been here we found our place in this beautiful town and I opened Needles Art Studio. Needles is a piercing studio that I had been dreaming up in my head for many years. I have grown quite fond of the land of strip malls and mini vans so it was only fitting that Needles would open in the Barn Plaza, a local strip mall with all the suburban staples. I knew getting business was going to be a challenge due to my entire clientele being in another city and me not being as popular as I was in Philly (I don’t really know anyone here) but it was a challenge that i welcomed. I knew from my research that there is not much competition and my experience is well beyond most body piercers. (15 plus years body piercing, customer service, management, current phlebotomy, ccht, cpr, bbp certifications and more) I know that i bring a vast amount of knowledge to the table and so the journey began. Social media, Check. Web site, Check. Clean private studio, Check. As I welcomed new clients everyone has been great and super impressed with the space and service provided. Then comes the question. Do you pierce kids? My instinct is to say no but with it being a new business and me not wanting to say no to any prospective clients I said yes. Now don’t get me wrong I have always got along well with kids, I don’t know if it was that I have ten younger siblings or the fact that I have four little humans of my own. Maybe its that I never really grew up. (that is what my wife tells me) Or that my father was always very playful and young at heart with us and now with the grandchildren. Regardless of the reason me and the little ones get along well. I was sure that we could pierce children safely and without having them subjected to the dreaded piercing gun (barbaric way to pierce done mainly in mall kiosks) We also have a clean private place that is comfortable for all parties. So The only thing that was holding me back is its a matter of morals, there is a little thing called consent that i am big on but I noticed very quickly that the children coming to me were extremely excited to get their ears pierced and it wasn’t being forced on them and I came to the conclusion that the pros outweighed the cons. Who would have knew that that saying yes to that simple question would start a following of so many parents and that I would quickly become the guy to go to for little girls piercings. I have fun with them and turned it into what I call a piercing experience. I have candy, stickers, a personalized certificate of bravery. I greet the little ones directly ask them their names, we go over earring options, I even give them their own aftercare instructions. Sometimes I bring my youngest to work to help keep the little ones company. We welcome the parents, grandparents or whoever their support group might be for the big day. There are pictures. It Is a memorable event and It gets better every time. The parents are super happy with how comfortable I try to make everyone and the location couldn’t be better for this service. While I still do all types of piercings this has become a big, wonderful but unexpected part of the business. I am humbled by the trust that everyone puts in me and am so happy to be here.

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