My lens and the world

I have a unique way of looking at life as if my eyes were a viewfinder. Like I’m just a camera and the world is just a picture that I have not taken yet. It is a gift and a curse. In my brain I’m framing everything and everyone into a picture. I cant see without doing it. I’m looking at composition, lines, light and finding a subject. The thing is I’m not always pressing a shutter button but i wouldn’t know how to turn this auto setting in my brain off. I even picture things that are not there. It helps a lot of the time like if I’m cutting hair I can imagine a line and actually see it before i shape it up, or if I’m piercing someone I can picture the whole process like a video before i even do it. I’ve always wondered if I’m the only one that does this. I could be driving down a long road and just see long lines into the horizon thinking that the way the light is hitting it at this moment if i could stop and stand in the middle of the road and take a picture it would make for a dope pic. Sometimes i edit the same pic in my head simultaneously, picturing the whole scene in black and white with a high contrast. Imagine watching a movie and breaking down the whole editing, lighting and camera process in your head automatically while still paying attention to the story line. In my brain there are multiple narrations always going on at once sometimes in two different languages. I’ve always loved creating and I guess that’s people always say I’m a jack of all trades but I just see myself as an artist. I feel like that because I treat everything I do as an art and approach it all as if i were creating something. It could be writing a blog, snapping a pic, making a video, inserting a needle or anything else the process is always the same: Picture it, frame it, create. Being an Artist is more of a gift than a curse the problem is sometimes I want to let the world be the artist and enjoy the view.

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