Needles vs Guns

When it comes to getting a piercing, there are two main methods: piercing guns and needles. While piercing guns may seem like a quick and easy option, they can actually be more harmful than needles. Here’s why: Piercing Guns: Piercing guns are often used for ear piercings, and they work by quickly shooting a studContinue reading “Needles vs Guns”

Septum Piercings

I’ve been doing more septum piercings than ever lately so let’s talk about the history of them. The earliest septum to ever be found is on a mummified person from 5300 years ago. Think about how long ago that was. The septum piercing is one of the most common piercings among primitive tribes. There isContinue reading “Septum Piercings”

An Accidental Hero… The true story of a dialysis family Pt 1

How did I accidentally end up working in the medical field during a global pandemic? Life sometimes takes you in directions you never could have imagined. Never in a million years would I have guessed that me of all people would be labeled a hero for going to work. By the end of this storyContinue reading “An Accidental Hero… The true story of a dialysis family Pt 1”