Septum Piercings

I’ve been doing more septum piercings than ever lately so let’s talk about the history of them. The earliest septum to ever be found is on a mummified person from 5300 years ago. Think about how long ago that was. The septum piercing is one of the most common piercings among primitive tribes. There is a Native American tribe that was called the Naz Perce in Washington state. Can you guess the meaning of Naz Perce? It meaning is septum piercing. Isn’t that interesting? You can trace the septum piercings history to Native American Indians, Indians, Bengalis as well as African tribes. In Bangladesh its mainly women wearing gold septum piercings as a sign of being married. In the Kangi tribes of New Guinea to have the septum pierced by a pig’s tusk is part of a boys journey towards adulthood, their initiation. Australian aborigines wore them to flatten their noses as flat noses in their eyes were the most desirable. Today they continue to be a popular and time tested piercing option with jewelry options that are unparalleled.

2 thoughts on “Septum Piercings

  1. Hi!!! I’ve always wanted a septum and today I woke up feeling ready so if y’all have an opening let me know so I can come in before I loose the nerve 😂


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