Needle Therapy

It’s been over a decade since I started on this journey of Body Art. Over the years I’ve become a therapist of sorts for so many people. It is actually an unexpected and really fulfilling part of my career. I know sometimes piercings and tattoos are not a way to rebel or show your individuality, sometimes getting new body art has nothing to do with some sort of pain or difficulty going on in life, sometimes my clients and friends want a new piercing just because they think it looks nice and it can be just that. There are also the others that are having a hard time with things in life and speaking to someone that is not biased while going through some physical pain followed by their body healing actually helps them cope and heal, not just physically but mentally as well. Being brave enough to get yourself to an artist and enduring the pain involved. Then the feeling of “I’m one bad ass, tough human being”. The subconscious level that relates the fact that your body knows how to heal itself and even if something permanent is left behind you can get through it to whatever we may be going through really does help. I’ve had clients of different ages, races, genders and tax brackets all sit in my chair. The one thing in common is that they are all human and all came willingly to feel better about themselves whether it was just because or because they were going through something and needed some needle therapy.

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